Where you are meant to be

This is something I needed today. And I’m grateful that I stumbled upon this quote on Instagram.

The reason?

It’s because today I found out that one of my colleagues is leaving. Again, another person is leaving my life. And yes, now I realized how I get attached to a person so easily when we clicked and then when that person leaves, it breaks my heart.

I guess the reason also for me being this soft when it comes on ‘goodbyes’ was because I’ve had so many people already whom I said goodbye to. You would think though that I would’ve gotten used to it, and that I should be already immune but no I’m still not.

I guess I’m an emotional person like that. I like feeling the bitterness and let it win inside. But this is just me at the beginning, I know I will get over it. The same way I got over the other things in my life. And the logic behind it is: Feel all the pain first, let it wash over you (as pain demands to be felt), and then after you will be all clean and ready for a new beginning. 🙂

And then this quote came along, reminding me about God and His beautiful, beautiful plan. It’s what I needed to go back to the action of my life. Most specifically, I needed a motivation to finish my tasks today as I listed them in my planner. (Because a sad event/experience can highly impact your motivation)

You may have not gone where you intended to go, but with God, you will end up where you’re meant to be.  – @lordposts at Instagram

This quote means to me that even though I already have to-do lists or I expect/plan a lot of things to happen in the future, I still don’t know what is REALLY going to happen and I should know that there will be a lot of TWISTS along the way but these twists are part of GOD’S PLAN for me, and despite it being SAD, I need to ACCEPT it, LEARN from it and MOVE ON. Know that God is always looking out for your well-being, and He only let bad things to happen to you because it is for your own good.

It also basically means that: On the midst of trials may not be where you expected to be, but you are meant to be there according to God’s plan. And you should trust God’s plan and go on with life. The time won’t stop for you just because you are in agony. Let us not waste time being sorry and wallowing in pain but instead let’s use it to love others & ourselves, as this is our ultimate purpose on earth.

As cliche as this all sounds, it’s the truth. And we may know it already, but we need to be reminded of it sometimes as this will help us to go on.

And for this, may God be praised.



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