What it means to be a #GirlBoss

So I recently went back to reading and it feels amazing. ❤

My first non-fiction book in a long time is this book called “#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso. I know a lot of you have probably heard about it and yes, there is a TV show on Netflix produced based on the book.

It’s a memoir of Sophia’s life as well as advice/tips on how to be a #GirlBoss. And while her story is very different than most entrepreneurs who became very successful, I still think the lessons she shared are still very valuable and relevant especially to young girls. Her life was a crooked path– her childhood and teenage life was very different than what a normal girl would go through in this Western world.

But what I like is that now she changed and she definitely learned from all her experiences and she doesn’t encourage other girls to do the same, instead, she is giving the women of this generation the encouragement to be our own #GirlBoss.

If you haven’t read the book yet, I encourage you to read it.


For now I will share to you the 3 main points that I learned from the book. In here you will see what being a #GirlBoss means to me:

  1. Take care & love yourself for who you are and embrace your difference.
    You don’t have to conform with the society. Be confident with who you are and always believe in yourself. -As cliche as this sounds, this is actually hard. Our generation is so used to conformity. In fact, conformity is a psychological factor. A study by Solomon Asch (1951) shows how a person would likely conform with the group’s answers because of fear of disagreement/dislike from that group. But this book is saying that in being a #girlboss, you have to just be your own identity. Get to know yourself and don’t be afraid if you are different from other people. Don’t change yourself to conform, change for yourself and for the earth’s well being.And this also comes when you learn to love yourself. Loving yourself means you don’t dress up to get other peoples’ nods or wow’s, you do it so you can feel good and confident about yourself
  2. Be proactive; know that there are a lot of resources/ways to pursue your dreams/what you want in your life.
    You are in control of your own life. And this book also emphasizes the available resources out there that we could use if we want something in our life. For example, if you want to work as a graphic designer, you can utilize books, internet, etc to enhance your skills. And to get a job, you can go to school and apply for scholarships or loans if the problem is the money. Sophia, for instance, used the Dummy’s book when she started her business in eBay. And even though she has no college background, she used Google to look for some designs for her office, and she reads on to establish what is needed for her business.
  3. Be kind. And always do your best & work hard in whatever situation/stage you are in.
    Yes it’s so cliche, I know I know. But in reality, this is what we are here for. Living on earth, we have to work for the greater good. And to live our best and dream lives, I believe we have to experience what it’s like to give it all that we’ve got and also work hard. Nothing beautiful comes easy, remember. And of course, we have to be genuinely kind to each other. Practice picturing yourself in someone else’s shoes. This way, we can think about how we can approach & treat the other person better. Lastly, smile!! Show off that joy from your spirit! You never know whose life you can make happier! 🙂

Goodluck, #girlboss-es! You can do it!

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