Pamper Day

“There’s more to living than conquering mountains and coming out victorious in every fight. Enjoy the view. Relax once in a while.” 🙂

All of us need to rest.

We live in a very busy and fast-paced world that sometimes we forget to stop and let our bodies relax. But we all need it. In fact, it’s helpful to our lives and to our productivity.

I once read that taking breaks actually helps in productivity and it prevents burnout. Actual break would mean not being in your phone, etc. It means being out there and letting our brains relax, e.g. talking to people, eating, taking in views, simply taking a short nap, etc.

It’s also very important that we get enough sleep and rest, because it will help our bodies to regain the energy and motivation. It’s like ‘re-charging’ so that we can function properly the next day/time.

Today, this is just what I needed– a time to relax. 🙂

So here are the few things I did/I would love to do to pamper myself:

1) Do my nails. – It’s like how colouring helps remove stress.

2) Watch a movie. – Most specifically, I would choose a feel-good type of movie. Today I watched La La Land. Cute movie and the music is relaxing ❤

3) Wear a mask. – Peel on masks rock!! Especially moisturizing ones for the winter.

4) Listen to good & relaxing music. – YES to coldplay, john mayer, moriah peters, etc. ahhhh! Thanks Spotify!

5) Read a book. – This can be a sub for movie if you are more of a bookworm like me.



What are the things that you do to pamper yourself??





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