What’s in my bag?

This tag has been popular nowadays and although I wasn’t tagged, I think it would be pretty fun to do this. Also, I was organizing my things today and I decided to change my every day bag starting next week because I will go back to school.. so I just thought that maybe I could share what’s in my bag right now and to start blogging again! 🙂 *And shoutout to my friend ate Camille Puche for the inspiration ❤ (Check her out!)

By the way, before going further.. I just want to welcome back myself to my teenage blog!!!! Oh my gosh, it’s crazy to go back here and read my old blogs. I’m 20 years old now and looking here to my 16-19 years old’s posts.. it’s like wow…this was me. But it makes me happy though, because I think I learned a lot throughout the years and those lessons helped me to really grow to who I am right now. 🙂

Life has been really good, like really really. So many things happened, so many changes, but I’m more excited for what is to come. Especially it’s the new year! Hello 2017! 🙂 This year, I’m planning to of course, focus on the more important things (relationships, w/ God & people) and to start this secret project with my good friend. (tehee so much excites!) It’s gonna be a year of much more growth for sure, and much more adventures for sure!!! Shoutout to my CLINGY FAM, whom I’ve met this year <333333

Here is a video on my youtube channel of one of the events we organized and had fun in so you can MEET THEM. #halloween2016

Anyway, that’s it for my intro. Let’s get into the main topic! 🙂

The bag that I’ve been using everyday ever since I got my job after grad is this:


A lot of people have asked me if this is Michael Kors, but no it’s not. This is an original The Trend bag made from Italy. I love it so much not only because this is a gift from my parents, but also because it’s made of actual leather and the quality is really good ❤ It’s so durable and it’s also stylish. It looks good with anything since it’s black and it’s simple.

If I would describe it in 3 words, it’s this: SIMPLE YET ELEGANT. — Which is what I want in the fashion sense.

So now let’s go inside of it! 🙂 I wouldn’t make it all pretty and stuff since what is in my bag aren’t all pretty, but these are the things I need/use everyday so whatever haha.

Here it is:


From upper left corner:

1. Car + Home keys

2. Wallet (Coach)

3. USB’s – one for work, one for school stuff, and another one for other stuff e.g. music and photos. Hahaha I know that’s a lot of USB. But trust me, I have more USBs at home that I don’t use lol. (from freebies at events) I used to not have USBs in my bag though.. but I figured I might need it just in case. And recently I needed it for work so it just got stuck in my bag.

4. My Daily Bread booklet – this is my daily reflection prayer book and I love this so much ❤ 

5. Rosary – of course 🙂 

6. Phone – necessity but I’m a type of person who’s not so attached to his phone. Ask my friends lol. (Sorry if I’m bad at replying sometimes) I just really prefer being in touch more with people physically, not electronically. 

7. Business Cards – I have 2 holders, one for my cards, and the other for the ones I have collected. This was a great tip I got from school — have 2 places to put business cards on when going to networking events. It’s organized that way and it would help you not to pick up the wrong card to give.. because you might give other person’s business card instead of yours if ALL YOUR CARDS ARE JUST MIXED. 

8. Portable Charger/Mirror – my favourite gift from Christmas! (Thank you Camille Barcita) It’s dual purpose and I love it. The brand of this is Hipster I think.. she said she got it from Walmart so that is so affordable and it looks so nice!

9. Eye glasses (Nine West) – for driving and school; I’m a near-sighted person. But I just started wearing eye glasses when I was in 2nd year of college.

10. Hand Cream – necessity again, especially this winter season! I have another one in my car too. This hand cream that I have is from Bath and Body Works, and it’s my favorite scent from them– Japanese Cherry Blossom ❤ 

11. Hand Sanitizer – I’m not a ‘germaphobe’ but I want to have clean hands before eating. This is also handy when your hands get dirty, or sometimes when my phone screen gets sticky/dirty lol. 

12. ‘Chloe’ Rollerball – YESSSSSS my every day favorite scent ❤ 

13. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (shade: Stockholm) – this is a nice nude every day color, it looks good when you have light makeup too, which I usually do.

14. Maybelline Matte Lipstick (shade: 660 Touch of Spice) – My go-to favourite shade. I use this a LOT because the shade looks perfect. 

15. Nivea Lip Balm – In the morning, I always put Vaseline on my lips when I start to put on makeup to keep my lips soft, but just in case I forgot to do that, or when my lips get really really dry, I would put this on. 

16. Hygiene Kit – includes my travel toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, feminine pad, and a towelette 


17. Compass Cards – If I decided to bus 🙂

18. Post-it notepad – Just in case you need to write down something!

19. School/Office supplies – pens, pencils, eraser, lead, and Sharpie highlighter. I needed these last semester and hey you never know when you need to write something right. 

(20. Planner *not on this picture because I left it at the office.* – I always carry it around in my bag though, because it’s my way of keeping my week organized with the to-do lists!) 


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Hope you had fun because I did! 🙂 Also, I hope you somehow learned something? Lol. I’m not going to be a ‘lifestyle blogger’  or any kind of labels there is from now on, I would just post about random things.. whatever my heart wants. Because your art must be something your heart and soul would be happy of right.. not about what people would say or how many likes you’ll get. The key is being HONEST with yourself. 😉

So, what’s next after this blog?? Don’t expect anything from me. We will see where my heart will take me.

Thank you for reading this far…. you are awesome.


With love,





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