My hope is built in You.

I failed quizzes. And this never happened before. And what sucks more is knowing that I prepared for them but somehow things didn’t go my way.

I was rejected. My application to be in the tax clinic volunteer was rejected and I didn’t see any reasons why I would be rejected.

I was (still am) confused if I should do full-time or part-time degree program next school year. Still unsure of my plans for the summer.. should I just work? And practice driving? Or  should I go to the Philippines, come back and take electives for the degree program? Or should I just go to PH and practice driving after? I have set a lot of goals and it’s soooo hard because here’s another thing I have to consider = the completion of degree. It wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t want to finish my degree soon and if I didn’t care about the expenses. (Because part-time is definitely costly) But my parents pay for my tuition and I didn’t want to burden them and so I wanted the cheaper option. But the downside is… I don’t get to work a lot while studying. I wanted some experience too. 😦 But let’s say I sacrificed working… that means I can only work in the summer. That will make me sacrifice my vacation to Phils. 😦 See what I mean????? HARD DECISIONS.


Life had been tough for the first days of 2016. But nope. I wouldn’t give up. I may be in the bottom of the wheel right now, but I’ll have faith. I know God has a reason for the things that are happening to my life right now.



Despite all of my struggles at the moment, I’m holding unto you. I may not understand why all these things are happening but I know they’re all for my own good. I know that You love me so much and You wouldn’t give me challenges I couldn’t handle. My hope is built in You Lord. Give me the courage and patience that I need to fight all the evil thoughts and feelings that surround my brain and my heart. Also, please give me peace and clarity on which direction I should go on my journey.

Holy Spirit, pour and flow.

Mama Mary, please pray for me.




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