Corde in Amore

(Corde in amore = heart in love in French)

*Hi! It’s been a while since I posted here. But here is a poem I wrote randomly. It’s also been a while since I wrote a poem so please bear with my writing. I don’t consider myself good at writing. I just write whenever I feel like it.*


Corde in Amore

What that red heart-shaped emoji stands for

That just by one symbol it encompasses all the meaning

Captions with letters and commas but even words are not enough to express what you feel

You know stand still that it is the most beautiful thing

It gives you butterflies, wings of comfort, joy, and all those colors in between

But sometimes it stings you, gives you purple and dark red thick

Churning and churning rotten in your stomach

And your brain, oh your brain

Will say and say, “Maybe it’s just that my stomach is sensitive.”

“Maybe it’s only my body. Not the food. My body”


Your body, yes

That is God’s wonderful creation

Made out of love

Yes, made out of love!

That love that allows oneself to give the desired apple for a hungry kid

Or to wake up early to prepare meals despite having 2 hours of sleep

Or to give your golden watch for a friend whose wrist is aching

Or to do the laundry, tidy up the windows, and wash the plates on your own will

Or to lay on the couch staring on the sky of stars not saying something

Or to lend your ears to the loud clanging of a swollen heart’s beating


I used to believe that love, is always full of colours

That he always comes in crowd cheering, butterflies flying everywhere and cotton candies melting in your mouth

But this is not the case

He is a both a feeling and choice

That with my desire to live with him comes the will to lift all his huge luggage and excess baggage

And let him enter to my imperfectly lit room

I will let him play his rock albums though it hurts my ears

He will let me read him my love poems and rant about novels though he’d rather have them teared

I will let him serenade me to sleep till my head leans on his arms full of peace

He will let me control the remote to whichever channel I desire

I will let him take me on the road to wherever his heart aspires


But there will be days when rotten cherries will fill my stomach

When the red thick juice will flow inside and burst out

And he would nurse me and serve me twenty cups of tea

But tea and cherries just wouldn’t mix and I’d vomit


On those days we both know to come to He who designed my body

To He who can heal and help my soul

To He who bonded us and built us better together in the first place

To He who can sweep away rotten things and unknot the untidy twists

After all, He is the definition of love.

From Him, all things came within

Through Him, all things will be possible.

And because of Him,

This red heart-shaped emoji remains.


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