Life is just unfair sometimes.


I wish life isn’t unfair.

I wish more efforts = more gain. (Sometimes, more effort will have the same result as others who didn’t put in as much effort as you do)

I wish all people would have the same advantages in life like food, clothing, etc. (So there’ll be no more poor)


Looking at it in a different way:

LIFE IS STILL BEAUTIFUL. After all, God has blessed us all. Just in different ways, and in different amounts based on what we need, based on His plan for each of us.

So it’s okay, it’s okay for life to be unfair sometimes. It’s okay not to get what you want, not to gain more than others. After all, He still loves me. And I know He always will. We just have to trust in Him and believe that everything that happens in our lives is part of His plan for us. 🙂 Thank You, G. ❤


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