(Un)joyful friday

In 30 minutes I’m going to start my last exam for this exam week before spring break. Sigh. This is my first time going on an exam with sadness. It was supposed to be at 10:30am but I thought it was at 12:30pm so I came late. This is my option so I took it. Even though I have work tonight, I called in sick..
Being alone for like 6 hours is okay….. It just made me more sad because it felt like my friends aren’t available… a while ago when I was crying I wanted someone to be just there with me… just a presence of a friend to comfort me.. but no one’s there, no one was available to talk to. I had one friend who helped me though, via text, and I was so thankful for her.. but I wanted someone to be there beside me….. (yenawmsayen)

But that’s okay. I think God wants me to be alone today and to go through this just with Him. And actually, it helped because I got to pray the rosary a while ago and that made me feel better. It also made me realize that when no one else can help, God will always be there. ❤

I still feel down right now though… but that’s okay. Everything will be okay.

Lord, I surrender to You. Help me to this one last final exam.


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