This is me contemplating life in a school cafe before studying


#OOTD. Crewneck from #LIVELOUDBC2015 last February 21, 2015.

Wow. It’s surely been a long time since I visited my site. 🙂 Hello again!

Life had just been really busy…. and yes, I was caught up in college, work, and sleep. My life had been rotating like that. Oops, I forgot to mention food. (Who forgets food)

So while I’m just chilling here before I start studying again… I had these thoughts a while ago.

1) It is possible to balance school and social life. Last Saturday, I went out all day and surprisingly I was still able to caught up with my school works. But for that, I sacrificed sleep for two days. Like today, I’m running on 3 hours of sleep only. But wow, I don’t feel that sleepy as I thought I would be. Maybe this is a good start. If I could make my schedule better, and really stick to it without distractions, I could possibly have that balanced study and social life. And sleep!

2) Whoever said that it’s impossible to not like or at least have a crush on someone is wrong. And whoever said that being single/alone is sad or pitiful, definitely wrong. I’ve been single for almost 4 years, and life had been really good and I felt really happy. And it’s all thanks to the Lord who loves me unconditionally everyday and to the amazing friends that I have. Especially being in a community like the CFC Youth, I feel really blessed and I couldn’t have asked for more. ❤ Also, if you ask me if I have at least a crush right now? I would say none. In all honesty. I’ve moved on from one-sided feelings or crush stage in high school. I think it’s better to keep focus on what’s more important. I.e. God, family, studies, others, yourself.

Midterms/finals week next week. Woooh! I better get studying 🙂 Or should I watch shows first? Hahaha. Your life is really based on your choices/decisions…. and everyday we make tons of decisions.. from ‘am i going to wake up yet or not?’ to ‘should i study or just sleep?’



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