Faith Bass Darling

It’s 1:10 AM in the morning and here I am pondering about my age, what life would be like soon, and about whether I should continue reading this book I just picked up a while ago at the library called Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale. I thought it was a light read and it has an interesting plot so I picked it up.. but now I realized it was kind of a slow read and slow plot, which I don’t like. So now I don’t know whether to continue reading it or just completely ditch it..

And another thing that’s been sitting in the couch of my mind also is about my age and what will life be like after summer………….. (college!!) And I still can’t believe I’m already TURNING 18 in a couple of months… LIKE WHAT?!?!?!?! What how why when where…… where did time go? It’s crazy. It’s crazy when you hit this point of life when you suddenly think that every day actually needs to be lived up fully, cuz you feel that you are aging so fast now and you want to do a lot of things or achieve a lot of dreams in life while you are still single and free and while you are STILL YOUNG.

Because being young is fun. It’s like this… you feel like you have a lot of free time in the world.. you can sleep so late at night because you really don’t have anything planned to do the day after or cuz you just wanted to finish this movie, or the episodes of a show or just play video games or video chat with friends. You really don’t worry about any bills on the house and you don’t have to go to job every day. Ahh, teenage life. Especially on a summer. What a joyful bliss.


That’s why it’s so hard for me to imagine what would life be like after this summer… what will be the changes.. and also since I’m turning 18, what could be the changes in me…….

I’m excited. At the same time, kind of nervous. But I’m mostly excited. 🙂

~ These are all the many changes in my life ~


I’m definitely going to miss the chill high school life, but it’s time to move on. But first, it’s still summer, so let’s live it up Joy! 🙂



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