Exploding desire my heart is bursting your name

For on the silent, dry dark realm you came.

All I plead is for you to be my sea if I’m the sand

And to be my bee when I’m a rose in a flagging land.

Though your shadow will be hidden from time to time

And your scent and touch will fade

Still I wish your light will touch and break through my barricade.

All I plead to you is to be my blossoming tree instead of my moon

That your presence though sometimes is not seen

Brings cheer and security whenever the world is mean

And that just one footprint away you will be reached

When the blues and miseries are to be leached.

Cause I will miss the hugs that are full of love

And your laugh that sends fireworks in my inner cove

And your voice that sings to my soul and moves me from my cries

And your radiant optimism that gives glitter for the next sunrise

And your pastel-colored facade that glow with your radiant smile

And that tickles my heart and brings delight stretching a million mile

But most of all, I will miss that heart very dear and near to His heart,

Your heart that chose to walk by God and do His mission.

For if your heart is held by the universe’s most loving heart

Then my heart might one day find its home to your heart.



(I don’t want to lose you,

so stay near, my dear desire.)


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