ARISE | Arms High and Hearts Abandoned ♥

ARISE | Arms High and Hearts Abandoned ♥

You took me from the darkest night, You called me to Your light. Your love it helped me overcome, now I stand here STRONG.. ’cause of You alone~ ♥

I can still remember that weekend a year ago, in camp Capilano, singing that song with all my heart, mind, soul, strength. Looking back, I realized how much has changed in my life and in my faith in God. Truly, the camp made me stronger and made me a better person.

From all the talks and shares from my brothers and sisters, I learned different views and perspectives in life and that God is always present in all our struggles. From all the activities, not only did it gave me so much joy, it also made me more open to other people. The camp also changed my heart in many ways. I can’t really explain how, but I know for sure that my heart felt like it’s been opened and healed. It’s like suddenly, all my bad feelings inside me has been released. It was like I’ve been cleansed with all my negativity. And meeting so many people that later on became my brothers and sisters, I really felt so loved and cared by them that my heart felt like it’s going to explode with so much joy. That’s really how I felt. It was like the world became a much more beautiful place to live. And gaining those beautiful brothers and sisters made me realize that God is in all of us. 🙂 Throughout the weekend, I saw how much the servants gave their all in serving for God, in singing for Him, and in showing their love for Him. I also saw the good hearts of all the new members like me. All their gestures, even the simple ones, really strengthened my faith and love for God. And I’m so very very very very very THANKFUL for  this event and for all the people who made this event possible and for the whole service team and for Charlene Puche for pushing me to go to this camp and most especially to God. ♥

I really pray that this weekend, as the CFC Youth Richmond’s Camp Empower and other camps in Canada are happening, I hope that all the new people will gain a new heart like I did, and their faith and love for Him will be strengthened. I also pray for the service team to be able to serve with all their heart, mind, soul and strength to carry out a fruitful camp. 🙂

~I will follow Your way, for Your love has taken my heart, my life, my praise is all for Yours

For that, may God be praised.


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