Did you ever get this feelinggggg.. during Sundays.. especially at night.. when you have to do something that is due next day for school or whatever but you just always end up pushing and pushing it to the last minute to actually do it seriously……. Ya feel meh.

Eh. I really don’t have anything to write in mind. My mind is a big blob of mess.

And I have an essay to write. Haaaay. Times like when laziness kicks in. I just want to lie in bed and watch anime or have a tv show marathon.

But thankfully I just watched this video in soulpancake and it gave me some motivation! As always.. their videos make my heart burn and motivate me to always do good to others. I wish all people can watch their videos and hopefully everyone will be influenced to have better attitudes towards life and the world.

Here is the video that I just recently watched and that I really liked:

It reminded me of when I was in a workshop of hiphop songwriting and we were writing a song about superpowers for the world.. and I remembered the song goes like this:

Super human powers released on earth,

granted gifts from Creator beginning our births

She could read people’s minds he saved mankind~

We tend to hate what we don’t understand

like an ostrich chillin pop your head up out of the sand

Even though I don’t fly, I’m always in the sky, Even though I don’t fly, I’m always in the sky

She is inspired in the instant and resistant to blocks,

He walked in made the clock lock tick tock.

Break it down.

Yeah, I don’t know where the ostrich came from either. But thank you SoulPancake for all your inspiring videos and for being my superhero tonight! 🙂


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