When you realize that it’s a long weekend, AWESOME!

6:20am. I woke up feeling that I need to get up and get ready to go to school. Then suddenly a bulb flicked on my mind and I realized that I don’t have school today and it’s a long weekend!! AWESOOOOOOOME! 🙂
Now it’s 9:23am and I’m watching some TED talks from our TV. It’s so awesome how I just discovered last night that our TV has free TED Talks ready to watch whenever and without the need of internet.

Two awesome things right there. Wow. Crazy to imagine how there are a lot of other awesome things in this life on this planet EVERYDAY. How even the simple things in life, if viewed in a slightly different way, can be actually considered awesome. And these things, the little things in life that we tend to overlook, can also bring us joy. (Not me, but joy as in happiness; LOL)

The fact that my name is JOY, the fact that there’s food in the table when I woke up, the fact that we have tv, electricity, internet, comfortable home, and everything else.  All these tangible things that we can count and that we are happy to have.. all of these are awesome. But you know what I realized.. the intangible things are what really counts, they are what makes life more awesome. I know you’re probably thinking that you’ve heard of this before.. that the emotions, love, kindness, and etc are what we should give more importance of than the material things.

Yes, it’s true. It’s been said over and over and over again. But I thought that if the world has been telling us a lot of times about this, why do we always count the tangible things? Why don’t we count the intangible things and focus more on the positive and awesome things in life? I know we always want material things, and I admit I’m one of those people.. Wanting this, wanting that.. Wanting new clothes, shoes, etc. But you know, if you think about it, there are more in this world than all those material things.  I’m just thinking why could we all just see, be aware, and enjoy the awesome things in life everyday, not just the tangible things that we have, but most importantly, the intangible things. There are a lot more awesome things in life than you know, and there are a million ways that we can spend our lives to make it count.

Learn to accept what you have right now. Learn to be happy with it. Learn to give back if you have more. Learn to share, love and spread the joy. Because that will make this world more awesome! 🙂

~These are the thoughts that have been swirling in my head after watching some TED Talks. These are basically what I learned from them. Oh how powerful these talks are. 🙂 I so love love hearing stories. What I love even more is when they share their own stories. It’s how I learn more. Through real-life experiences. So.. you who is reading this, what is your story and what makes your life awesome? 😉


Beyond all this is the fact that time is running out. We gotta do what we have to do. I gotta do my chores, my homework, ready my college application, cook food, go to the library, buy things etc. I’m a normal 17 year old teenager having a dream and in getting that dream, I gotta pursue, work hard and live everyday.. live to the fullest.

So bye for now social world! PEACE OUT! 🙂


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