Thoughts over coffee (Happy International Coffee Day!)

Hi to the rainy and cold afternoon in Vancouver and to everyone else in the world! 🙂

A while ago as I was surfing the internet, I came across many posts/articles that talk about the history of coffee and the facts about coffee, and as I scroll down and scan the page, I realized that today is the International Coffee Day! Aha! 🙂 Then a smile came to my face because I am personally a coffee lover… And I am one of those people who always drink coffee in the morning. Reading about coffee’s history I learned some things about it and I think it’s pretty awesome to know that coffee 1) increases your concentration, 2) decreases your fatigue, and 3) gives you better memory. It also good to know that coffee, contrary to the belief that it makes your life shorter, may even have medical benefits like protecting you from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson’s. And did you also know that the word coffee originally came from the Arabic word qahwa which means ‘wine of the bean’ and it became kahve from the Turkish language and then became the Dutch word koffee– and finally to English word coffee. Pretty cool huh.

And also, I found out that once upon a time, coffee was banned by Christian priests because they thought that coffee was a “drink of the devil”. Apparently they thought that coffee makes you legit crazy and it can’t be a substitute for wine. But then later on a Pope (Pope Clement VIII) tasted it and declared that it was not a sinful drink and so he blessed. So it’s now mostly accepted by the Christian community 🙂 Hehehehe cool, eh? Who knew coffee also has a religious history? 🙂


But anyway, I’m not really here to talk all about the history of coffee. I just think that learning something about this addictive drink that we intake on a daily basis is cool. 🙂 And speaking of coffee, I am drinking my 5th coffee of the day now and I’ve been thinking about life since watching KC Concepcion’s documentary “From Paris to Pinas”. I swear those vlogs really touched me and inspired me and it actually made me want to go Paris or somewhere else in the world to study and live alone. The thought of it really excites me inside and it’s in my bucketlist now.. to experience life and culture on a country in Europe or in other continents. It’s always been my dream to travel the world, but it’s different when you actually live for years in a country like what KC did and I seriously want to experience that. 🙂

I also see another amazing side of KC Concepcion that is really admirable. She is very humble, kind, caring, thoughtful and beautiful person. Even though she is rich and she is a famous celebrity (she is a celebrity actress and singer in the Philippines), she is friendly, she’s open to all kinds of people, she doesn’t look down in people and she helps the people around her in many ways that she can. And I think her experience in Paris really made her grow as a beautiful person now. I also like her adventurous side because I think I am an adventurous person too. And I like how she said that to always find things in this world that challenges you and take those because in those challenges, you will find who you are and your purpose in life. Something like that. 🙂 Also, she said when she was asked by a reporter what can she say about herself now, after everything she have experienced living in Paris–she said, I realized that I CAN DO IT. Like moving from a province (rural area) to the capital city (urban area) Manila, you’ll say to yourself that I CAN ACTUALLY CAN DO IT. And another thing that she said after being asked what her message is to the girls and the people who look up to her– Always try the things that you always want to try.. and just keep on trying new things because you’ll never know what discoveries you’ll find. (Something close to that)

Watching that documentary it made me admire her. And also the fact that she is the current Philippine National Ambassador for United Nations World Food Programme and that she’d gone to Uganda & other places before and talked to the poor & hungry people there and helped them made me admire her more. Because I also want to do something big like that in the future to help the poor people and other people who needs help in this world. 🙂

Right now, being 16 turning 17 soon, there are a lot of things yet to be discovered and experienced, but I just know that I want to travel, meet awesome people, be happy, and fulfill my dreams while helping and serving others especially the poor people. 🙂


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