Journey to happiness :)

Today, I was watching lecture videos on my course Social Psychology in and we are on the topic of happiness. One of the videos presented was this TED Talk about money and happiness.. and of course, it was pretty interesting because these are I think some of the big things that we human beings always seek for. Money. Happiness.

Before watching this video, my belief on the quote “Money can’t buy happiness” is that this is true. Money can’t really buy happiness because no matter how much money you have, it doesn’t really matter to your personal happiness. In fact, I believe that a lot of people who doesn’t have much money can be even seen as happier people than the people who have more money. I believe that a lot of factors contribute to one’s happiness other than money.

But as I watched this video, I realized that it is true that on the point, money can buy happiness. HOW? Watch this video to find out.

This seems interesting and mind blowing and yes, I believe now that spending money for others give you happiness, but I still believe that there are still other factors that affect our happiness.

And I just recently watched this video titled ‘Rethinking Happiness’ which was an assigned video on our course and I liked it because it’s a video that makes you analyze what really makes people happy, scientifically. But then they touched the note at the end that although there are a lot of studies conducted about happiness and we still need more scientific proofs on that, one thing that really matters a lot on our happiness is: Social Relationships. And with all their statements about social relationships, I highly AGREED with them. After all, we’re human beings built and made for each other, to help each other and to love one another. 🙂

I also like this remark at the end of the video: “We start out in high chairs, we end up in wheelchairs, and somewhere between the two, we all have to figure out where our happiness lies and then start marching in that direction. So, who brought the map? Well, EVERYONE DID.”

And also I wanted to share what they described as the secret to happiness, which is in fact not a secret at all..
“Life is a journey through time, and happiness is what happens when we make that journey together.” — GO FIGURE.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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