Joy in Jesus


(A short poem)

by: Aileen Joy Sigua

Once upon a time, I was in a deep hole

Surrounded with darkness, searching for the light

Caved in from the chaos of the world

The colors were not so bright

Hungry for love, I’m thirsty and cold

I’m left with nothing but hollowness

Tears pouring like rain in a thunderstorm

The lightning inside cracked and broke me into pieces

In despair, my fingers locked and kneeling I silently pray.

Touched by Your saving grace, my soul found peace

Suddenly, the world was filled with rainbows

the cave was showered with a bright light

And my heart began to beat a thousand folds of mirth

The Spirit bound in me and released me

whispering, saying, shouting

“Child, do not be troubled, for in Him you will find great joy.”

Guided gently my footsteps found a palace

A paradise locked in a heaven

A kingdom so big beautiful and blissful

A garden filled with beauteous blossoms, dazzling flowers, and radiant trees

A farm filled with pretty and wild creatures

An island filled with marvelous sea and sand

And a sky with a smiling sun and its light shining down

Hope catches me as I run speed-fast through the grass

Reaching the portal I slowly knocked keyed up

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

I wait and wait and wait

I stand firm but the wind blows hard

again and again and again

and it almost knocked me down

Pots shake and the sky turned pale

A drop of water kissed my cheek

I looked up and saw the dark clouds

My stomach tightened and sweat chills down my temple

I closed my eyes and held on to the knob

At last, I heard the creaking sound of the opening

How glee and gratefulness crept in my body and soul!

Holding my breath I slowly popped in

And suddenly, a great joy rushed in

Tongue tied my heart leaped with delight

As I found myself hugging the Lord Saviour Jesus Christ.

Looking around, I saw men and women

All holding different gifts and each glowing with beauty

jumping, shouting, and singing praises for the King

I joined in and closing my eyes I surrendered my all

Lifting my hands I sang with my all

Then the Spirit seeped in, and gave me a gift

whispering, saying, shouting

“Come and taste, the greatness of the Lord!”

And with that my smile stretched a million mile

Day through the night

Everything is now filled with light

Once an empty vessel, now filled to the brim

With the water that is turned into wine

Once hungry, now filled with love

Once thirsty and cold, now filled with the Spirit

Once in the dark, now in the spot of the glorious light

As the banquet goes on,

I am filled with food of faith

and gifts of graces

And I am warm and safe

with my jacket of joy,

The joy that I found in Jesus ♥


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