Trust is the key (and praying)

Remember the times when..

When you were in kindergarten and you were to dance or sing in a talent show?

Or when you were in grade 1, and you had to recite the multiplication table in front of the whole class?

Or when you were in grade 3, the art teacher asked you to make a drawing about nature or anything else and you had to present it in class?

Or can  you recall the time when you were in grade 5, and your English teacher asked you to make your own poem, short story, declamation or essay and you had to memorize it or read it in front of your classmates?

Or the one in grade 6, when you had to perform in the musical play in front of the whole school and all the parents?

And hey, remember that time when you were asked to do the speech in your grade school graduation??

What about that flaming debate where you had to come up with your own ideas quickly and you were so nervous because it was your first time but you know yourself your team has to win because it will give you extra credits for your grades?

And what about during Christmas season, and your class is competing in a “Carol of the Bells” (like a choir competition) and you were the one assigned in the center of your ‘choir’ and be like the lead?

Then there was that time when you had to sing solo in front of a lot of people for your recital in the workshop that you went, I’m sure you remembered that and how you felt right?

And of course, you wouldn’t possibly forget that time when you joined the Student Council and you had to deliver your speech about your platform in front of the whole school with around 1000 students?

Also, remember that freaking time, when you were a lead singer for the band that you joined in and you were so nervous and scared because it was the first time again in years that you were able to sing in front of an audience so big?

Lastly, the time when you had to give a talk or share on your club or organization or church group and it was about giving your own thoughts, feelings, or views about something but you were kind of scared at first because you don’t know how the people may react or that they may judge you.

Remember all those times?

Now. Remember how you felt before you did all those things.. and remember how you felt after. And what you did that made you feel after all those? Did you actually did your best or did you ride with your fear and just let it swallow you? And remember all those people or your family or friends who were there with you and who supported and trusted in you that YOU CAN DO IT. The people who were constantly chanting GO! GO! GO! and shouting that YOU CAN DO IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Your mom or dad or your friends smiling as they watch you perform and wishing you all the good luck in their minds and hearts. And most of all, those people who prayed for you. 

The point is.. there will always come a time in our lives when we’ll feel empty, scared, discouraged, not confident, or backing down from the huge big things that come our way. (Unless you are the kind of person who is really brave and can do all things without feeling any nervous at all) There are a variety of circumstances of course, but it all just comes down to really… just TRUSTING IN YOURSELF no matter what. This is the whole point. Not losing trust in yourself. Not doubting yourself. Even if you feel like the world is against you or you are not getting a lot of support or even if nobody trusts in you.

Seriously, if there is one thing that I learned through my past experiences is that it is very important to always trust in yourself because if you won’t, who will? (Sounds cliche isn’t it) And trust me, once you learn how to always trust in yourself, it will come easily the next times and you will be more confident. Trust is the key. 🙂 If let’s say the next time you feel not confident again? Well, just remember all those times from your past again! And tell yourself that!

One thing that I do usually is to stand in front of the mirror and stare at myself and give myself some compliments and you know some pep talk.. I tell myself to be confident, be brave and that I can do this. I got this! ~Surprisingly, they worked on me. And also, the most important thing that I do, and it is really really effective is that I PRAY. 🙂

So whenever face by a huge thing to be done that gets you all nervous and afraid, always remember those good old times, take a deep breath, strengthen yourself up by believing, and pray. 😉


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