Small things with great LOVE ♥

So last Sunday, August 25, I went to my first ever ANCOP Walk 2013 at Burnaby Central Park. It was amazing. More than 500 people went and walked for the poor people. I think it was a successful event. We also gathered donations and raised money from all the booths and of course the proceeds all go to ANCOP Foundation. It was cool because this is my first event from ANCOP, the org that I’m serving in. We were in charge of the photobooth and me and my partner Noelle did the props. (yeeeeeah camp arise reps!) I’m happy that it turned out pretty good, and a lot of people went to our photobooth. It’s also great to see that a lot of people supported and bought foods from the food booths. The CFC-Youth Richmond had a food booth where they sold halo-halo (a filipino dessert) and it was so cool because they were sold out and I also got to help out there. There were also carioca, donuts, and many more. Then there were performances on stage from the KFC servants from West Cluster and some SFCs playing songs throughout the day. It was a good day overall. Even though I was so tired at the end, it was so worth it. Everyone who attended were really really awesome because just their presence have helped so many people. I truly saw the goodness and Jesus in everyone who served, helped, and joined in this event because despite all the shortcomings and struggles one may have or the busy schedules of some people, they still dedicated their time and effort to this global walk.

Image(left) Noelle Ann Macoy , (right) Me 😀   // Source: Mark William

You may be asking what is ANCOP? Well, ANCOP simply means ANswering the Cry Of the Poor. It is a non-profit organization lead by the Couples For Christ (a Catholic church group) and it promotes to stop poverty and help the poor people with their basic needs such as shelter, education, basic health and livelihood. There are so many ways in which one can donate, and help through ANCOP. And I won’t put all the details here, so here is the site in which you could find all the information about ANCOP:


Top: (left to right) Pauline Suelto, Charlene Puche, Me 😀 , Noelle Ann Macoy

Bottom: (left) Me 😀 , (right) Alexis Boquiren

// Source: Mark William

It is really a blessing to be a part of this event, and I am so grateful for being able to help out. 🙂 I hope that this is only one of the many more events that I could serve in. And I also hope that everyone will continue to help and take part of the communities to help the poor people around the world. I’ve read somewhere that helping other people especially the poor is one of the major source of happiness and that it will fill you with so much God’s love and blessings.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa


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