What book to read next?

What book to read next?

It’s always a dilemma for me, on what to read next. Even though I have a goodreads account and I have my to-read bookshelf set up, with like 6 or more books on there, I still don’t know which book to pick. I also have my unread books sitting in my bookshelf but I just don’t feel like reading any of them right now.

I just finished two books this summer and I recently finished the “House of Scorpion” which I picked randomly during my free time at the volunteer (and I LOVED IT).. but now I’m stuck on choosing which one to read next.

Like I know there are so many choices of books on this world and I’m just not sure which one. Whenever I go to the library, it’s like I want to read all those books in the shelf. And I always find more than 1 book that I think is interesting to read. And it’s hard to pick which one to read first. I mean, I have volunteers and other things to do as well, so I don’t have a lot of free time to read, and that also means that I want to read a GOOD book. And when I say GOOD I mean the kind of good that I would get lessons from it or I would just be hooked from the first page that I don’t wanna put it down.

There should be at least a sign to know which book to read next. Or a feeling.


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