Simple things in life that makes the heart beat faster

It’s prom season again in my hometown! 🙂

And while I remembered my bestfriend telling me the story of how she got asked to the prom by her crush, I saw these videos in youtube that show how a guy or girl asks somebody for the their prom! And I think they’re really cute! LIKE EIFHWGIOGHEOGHOERJGWRGWOFG! 🙂

Some people say it’s corny but I think promposals are the cutest thing ever! I mean seriously, being in high school and to have that moment in your life! High school is memorable alone, but having that moment will make it extra special! 🙂 But while some don’t get that experience, it’s not a thing to be sad of.. Because all of us will eventually get the special moments in our lives. But while we witness our classmate/schoolmate/friend having that moment in high school, we share that same feeling that makes our heartbeat goes faster! 🙂

**Kilig to da bones~!


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