Hello blogging world!

I finally made my own blog site! 🙂

Yay! I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for quite some time now but I just don’t have any time to do it. And now here I come!

 It’s so funny though. I never actually thought that I would have a hard time in making a blog address. So when I first sign up for this, I was already thinking of what name would be the best for my blog site. The first name that came to my mind was actually joytotheworld. (Inspired by the song, which is relevant, because tis’ the season and it’s my current name in twitter) But then it said, Sorry, the username already exists! And I was like, Awww. Then I started googling names or songs that have a joy in it. (I don’t know why but I want my address to have my name attached to it) And then I saw weird names like joyments, joystems, joyrids, etc. But then suddenly, I think of Chronicles of Narnia and I thought, Oohhh! What about (somethingChronicles) or (Chroniclesof____) also because ‘chronicles’ mean history written in a formal way. Ohh, that could work! Then I thought, oh, what about craychronicles. But wait, wait. That sounds kinda weird. Hmm. And then I think more and more and so on and so on. I tried a lot of names and they all existed. Except for this one last brilliant name that pops up in my mind. JOYOUSCHRONICLES. Yes. Finally! This username is not taken! YAY! Not only it has my name on it, it also has the ‘Chronicles’ which is what I’ve first thought of. So yeah. That was my birth of my username. It came from a random idea of ‘Chronicles’ since I’m going to be blogging pretty much some of my history, and ‘Joyous’ because of my lust to include my name on it.

So from now on, my tales of joyous chronicles will be written here. I will posts rants, stories, poems (maybe), videos, photos, music, and journals about that things that I’ve explored, realized or just noticed around this world that we live in. I will also try to record all the joyous and memorable happenings starting on the first day of 2013. Since it’s new year, it’s a new beginning for me. A blogging as a hobby!

I also realized that writing down thoughts can help me release my negative vibes and telling a story about a good day is also a nice way to be able to relive those memories and feelings again. When you grow up and you’re old, isn’t it nice to read a part of your history that has a good memory on it and feel those nostalgic joys? Yeah, that’s exactly why I wanted to go on blogging. I want in the future to look back, reflect, and relive the collected memories of my life. The bad memories teach you lessons while the good memories give you a sweet bliss.

So welcome to the blogging world, AJDVS, aka JOY 🙂

Let’s get this blogging started!!!


//First blog ever. Written at December 14, 2012, Thursday. Posted 12:40AM


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