Hi there! Joy here.

Thank you for visiting my site. This is my creative platform where I allow the public to peek into my personal life. I’d like to consider myself an extroverted introvert. I am not typically very outspoken but there are times when I’d love to share thoughts, ideas and other random things that I think could benefit people/learn from them/simply entertain them. Mostly, I will be posting about the lessons I’m learning, some quotes/reminders, my adventures (food, travel, experience), and about my journey in my faith — a Catholic.

My goal is to be able to inspire young people to be more proactive in life & faith and to become great, active citizens & change agents of this planet to make it a better place.

I believe that young people is the future and therefore, we must teach them to utilize their full potential and to harness genuine compassion to contribute to the future world of love and peace.


I know you agree with that. So what are you waiting for? Join me and let’s go on this joyous adventure! 🙂 #LOVEwins #changeagents


J esus

O thers

Y ourself

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Other concerns? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you!

Email me at joy_sigua@yahoo.com.

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